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A panegyris (Ancient Greek: πανήγυρις “gathering”), is an Ancient Greek general, national or religious assembly.Each was dedicated to the worship of a particular god. It is also associated with saint days and holy festivals. A True Taste Of Greek Culture, Food, Drink And Dance.

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The town festivals and the holy days are numerous in Corfu island.

Down here you will see the dates of the most important summer festivals.


01 January: Feast of St Basil. This is associated with a good start for the new year.

An old Byzantine custom of slicing the Vassilopita (Basilcake or New Year Cake) gives the person who finds the hidden coin in his slice, good luck for the year.

06 January: Epithany. Celebration of the baptism of Jesus. Crosses thrown into the water and young men retrieve it.

07 January: Name Day for Yannis and Yanna.

17 January: Is Saint Andonis day.

18 January: Is Saint Athanasios day.

27 January: Is Saint Crisostomos day.


February: Late February/Early March – The Carnival of Corfu has a big resemblance to the Carnival of Venice.

2015 Dates -1st Carnival Sunday is 15th February Sunday then its following Sat 21st Feb Sunday 22nd Feb. Clean Monday 23rd February. Greece's Carnival Season called Apokrias.

01 February: Is St Tryphon's name day.

03 February: Is Symeon and Annis Day.

10 February: Is the name day for Heraclia and Haralambos.

14 February: Is the day of Saint Valentina.


March: Clean Monday or Katheri Deftera 40 days before Easter, marks the first day of lent and it is customary to go out in the country and fly paper kites.

02 March: Is Saint Theodore day.

19 March: Is Crysanthos Day.

25 March: Independence day.

The Greek National Anniversary and a major religious holiday with military parades in the larger towns and cities. This celebrates Greece's victory in the war of Independence against the Turks who had occupied the country for 400 years. The 25th of March was actually the day Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the flag of national rebellion at the monastery of Agia Lavra in the northern Peleponisos. For Greece, the 25th of March is the equivalent to the 4th of July to Americans. The Greeks celebrate this day with marches and celebrations throughout the country. Consequently, the Acropolis and all other archaeological sites and all museums are closed on this day.You are sup-posed to eat fried bakaliaro (cod) and skordalia (garlic sauce) today.


April: On Good Friday the people of the towns and villages carry candles and follow the procession of the Epitaph. Saturday in Holy Week the ceremony of the res-surection takes place in the courtyard in front of all churches and bells are rung all over the towns and cities. Candles are lit one from the other and then the people make their way home for the traditional feast of dyed red Easter eggs and Magaritsa soup.

Easter Sunday: Is the biggest church holiday in Greece.

All over the country lambs are roasted on a spit and there is wine in abbundance. Red eggs are cracked against each other and the person with the last remaining uncracked egg will have good luck. This is the most beautiful time to be in Greece if the weather is good. Easter Sunday. (2015-April 12th) (2016 – May 1st) (2017 – April 16th) (2018 – April 8th)

15 April: Is Leonidas name day.

24 April: Is Elizabeth's name day.

25 April: Is Saint Markos name day.

April: Saint Thomas - name day is celebrated the sunday after easter.

April: Or beginning of May: Orthodox Easter, so beautiful to be famous in all Greece. First Friday after Easter: town festival inPaleokastritsa.


01 May: Labour day and the Feast of the Flowers. There is a general exodus to the country for picnics and the sky is filled with kites. parades and other festivities, also marks the Feast of Flowers.

06 May: Makrades Panegyri/Festival.

08 May: Festival in Kassiopi for Assumption and the Canoni.

08 May: Kassiopi Celebrating a blind boy who after staying in the church over night regained his sight.

08 May: Kanoni Festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

08 May: And 15 August: festival in Kassiopi with the celebration of the Virgin.

10 May: Paleokastritsa Panegyri/Festival.

10 May: Kassios Dias Trail Race Kassiopi.

12 May: Krini Panegyri/Festival.

20 May: Feast Alikes Potamos.

21 May: Achilles race to finish the square of Benitses.

21 May: Celebration of the Unification of the Ionian Islands with the rest of Greece takes place on the island of Corfu.

21 May: Is the celebration day of Saints Constantine and Eleni.

31 May: And 1 June: Orthodox Pentecost (Christianity).


09 June: festivals in Alikes of Potamo, Petalia, Zigo, Potamos.

12 June: St. Onofrio's Day celebration in Pelekas.

13 June: Arillas The Ascension festival

13 June: Analipsi/Kato Korakiana Panegyri/Festival

21 June: EUROPEAN MUSIC DAY. June 21st of June is no ordinary day. It’s the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. And it is also European Μusic Day. Music all over Greece for three days. If you are in Athens there will be live shows in every square in town.

24 June: Festival of the Holy Spirit, town festivals in Kontokali, Stavros, Arghirades, Kastellani of Mesis, Antiperni and Island Othoni, The Saint John festival in Mantouki, Agios Ioannis Fire jumping(Triklino)

29 June: Saints Peter and Paul. Festivals in Kombitsi, Stronghili and Vitalades. In the main town of Paxos island (Gaios) there are great celebrations in honor of Saint Gaios.

July: In Corfu they have Cricket Week with visiting teams participating in matches on the only island where the sport is played regularly.


02 July: Madonna of Vlacherena. Procession in Garitsa. Festivals in Garitsa, Acharavi, Kamara and Fontana on Paxos island.

07 July: Peroulades Panegyri/Festival.

08 July: Celebration of Saint Prokopios with relative festivals in the villages of Kavos, Lefkimnis and Aghios Prokopios.

11/12 July: Karousades Panegyri/Festival.

13 July: Festival in Saint Rocco square in honor of S. Spyridonas.

15-17 July: Agia Marina, a big festival in Analipsi.

17 July: St. Marina. Festivals in Benitses, Spartera, Avliotes.

20 July: Festival of Elia Prophet in Magoulades.

25/26 July: Lafki Village Main day 26th.

26 July: santa Paraskeui on porta remounda(corfu town).

26 July: Vraganiotika village festival celebrating the Saints day Αγια Παρασκευής.

27 July: St. Panteleimon festival at the Psychiatric Hospital.corfu town.

28 July: Roda/Loutses/San.Stef NE Panegyri/Festival.


02 August: Kassiopi 1st Folklore Festival in the harbour.

03 August: Benitses Sardine festival.

03/04 August: Arillas Antamona Festival, Dancing groups from other parts of Greece.

06 August: Pilgrimage to the Monastery of Pantokrator.

06 August: Church festival held in commemoration of the Transfiguration of Jesus in Pontikonisi, Perivoli, Strinilia, Evropuli, Paleochori, A. Deka and Aghios Mattheos with many days of pilgrimage (1-6 August) on the top of Pantokratoras mountain.

07 August: St. Spiridon Varkarola.

08/09 August: Nymfes Festival/Panegyri.

09 August: Skripero Frog Festival – date not confirmed for 2014.

09 August: Petriti Varkarola.

10 August: Ipsos Sardine festival.

10 August: Paleokastritsa Varkarola.

11 August: Spyridon’s Day –

The Procession and festivals to com memorate the intervention of St. Spyridon during the Turkish invasion in 1716 when a terrible storm broke out as the invading force tried to besiege Corfu, causing their retreat. The‘Varkarola’ takes place on the closest Sunday to the 11th and involves a series of boat parades along the coast, while bands play traditional music and there’s local dancing.

15 August: Corfu Festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Many big festivals with church processions, feasts.

15 August: festival in Kassiopi for Assumption and the Canoni.

15 August: Feast of the Assumption Monastery in Platyteras.

16 August: Three days of celebrations in Kato Garuna.

17 August: Kavadades Panegyri/Festival.

22 August: Agrafi Panegyri/Festival.

23 August: Festival of the Virgin Odighitria in the villages of Gastouri, Pelekas and Aghii Deka.

24 August: Loustri/Gimari Pie Festival.

31 August: Agni Varkarola.


08 September: Town festival in Afra, Marathia, Aghio Marko, Potami of Lefkimmi and Sinarades.

14 September: feast of the Cross in the monastery of Saint Ioannis in Sidari. The feast of sardines in Benitses.

15 September: Kavadades Wine Festival with spit roast pork and lamb.

21 September: Kassiopi/Moraitika Wine festival.

24 September: " Mirtidiotissa". Festival in Vato.

26 September: St. James theologian. Festivals in Karousades and Porta Remounta Festival of St.John/James the theologian.


21 October: Is the name day for Socrates.

25 October: Messonghi Panegyri/Festival.

26 October: Is the name day for Saint Dimitris.

28 October: Is Ochi Day, celebrating the Greek refusal to let Italy occupy the country during WWII. The Italians invaded and were driven back into Albania and nearly back to Italy. There are military parades in the major towns and cities.


08 November: Is the celebration day for Michael and Gabriel.

14 November: Is the name day for Philippos.

17 November: Is the anniversary of the student uprising at the Polytechnic University in Athens in 1973. Thedemonstrations against the military dictatorship gained momentum and was crushed when tanks crashed the gates of the university killing many students. The holiday is celebrated with the anual march and stoning of the American Embassy.

21 November: Is the name day for any Mary that is a virgin and children.

30 November: Is the name day for Saint Andreas. In the beginning of the month the island of Corfu celebrates the memory of their Patron Saint Spyridon.


04 December: Is Saint Barbara day a big day for the Military since Barbara is their Patron Saint..

05 December: Is Saint Savas day.

06 December: Is Saint Nicholas day. - Feast at Kampielo and Kanalia.

09 December: Is Saint Anna day.

12 December: St. Spyridon’s Day -Local Holiday with a day long festival in Corfu Town.

13 December: Is the name day for Saint Efstratos.

17 December: Is the name day for Dionysos of Zakynthos.

24 December: Is Christmas Eve and young children walk around singing carols on trains, buses and neighborhoods.

25 December: Is the name day for Christos.

27 December: Is the name day for Stefanos.

31 December: New Years Eve is spent playing cards with friends on a green card table, while children sing carols and people exchange gifts.