There are many Charities working in Corfu, helping people, animals and the environment.

Started to provide shelter for these terribly neglected and often abandoned animals. Volunteers work hard in what are, at times, incredibly difficult and distressing circumstances, to help these wonderful animals. Much of the sanctuary's income comes from visiting tourists.

A registered charity formed in 1997 to alleviate the suffering of stray and abandoned animals on the island of Corfu.

The Silva Project is dedicated, in part, to the preservation of the Skyros Pony. In addition to the efforts to breed the remaining Skyros ponies, the Silva Project is also beginning work on a therapeutic riding centre and vocational training programme for people with disabilities, and a disabled-accessible tourist program for Corfu and other Ionian islands.

Corfu Animal Rescue Establishment

Is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing abandoned animals

We are a small group of people trying to improve the life of animals on Corfu, hence, the Agni Animal Welfare Fund has been set up in order that friends and visitors can make donations to help the islands stray animals.

The MGS is an international forum devoted to furthering knowledge and appreciation of plants and gardens suited to the mediterranean climate regions of the world.

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Corfu Charities and Non Profit Organisations