Carolina's Holiday Horses  Skripero / Doukades  Corfu

Offers two different activities:
Meet and greet the horse
Hacking out



Did you know?

A horse is not a dog (yeah-yeah)

A horse is actually not built to ride on (huh?)

A horse in nature would see a human as its enemy (why??)

There are so many things we take for granted if it concerns a horse. But are those the right things – what do we know exactly about the being of the horse?? 

My five horses live as a natural group, always free together and with their own hierarchy. It makes them easy-going and relaxed.

So for every-one who loves to learn more OR just loves to be with horses I can offer a special programme where we will meet my five horses in their fields.

There I will explain about the horse by looking at my horses and their interactions. We will also start to learn how they ‘talk’ to each-other. Finally you can try and make contact with the horses in their language.

You will find out:

-that a horse is not a dog

-how a horse can carry us

-and how we can be friends with horses!

HACKING OUT – NB only for experienced riders!

We will be with maximum two riders (you’re also very welcome for a private ride!)

We will explore the North Corfu landscape: olive-trees, vineyards, lakes,
being surrounded by the sturdy mountains

We will stop to enjoy some nice views

The normal duration of a trail ride is about 2 - 2.5 hours

If so wanted your ride can include a visit to the Donkey Rescue-centre

In early and late season I can also offer a whole-day trail ride with a small lunch included 

What to wear

At my stables I can provide you with a riding-helmet and riding-chaps for your legs.

You should be wearing long preferably elastic (jogging) trousers or riding trousers.

Your shoes should preferably have a little heal or be riding boots, otherwise trainers.

You might want to wear a T-shirt with long sleeves as the tracks are sometimes not very wide and the bushes can be thorny...

As my horses are not big – about 150 cm at the withers – the maximum weight for a rider should be 80 kilo’s.

My horses are ridden bitless – they respond to the seat and legs of the rider.

For more general information, questions by e-mail and pre-booking, please visit the website: or look on my facebook-page Carolina's Holiday Horses Corfu

Looking forward to meeting you!

and little Sammy